• What is the best drill bit for stainless steel?


The Alpha Stainless Plus Drill Bit is the ultimate solution for drilling stainless steel materials and here’s why:

We know the challenges that come with drilling stainless steel, which is why we have developed a drill bit specifically designed for stainless buffs.

With its exceptional performance and longevity, the Alpha Stainless Plus Drill Bit will make your drilling tasks quick and effortless.

One of the standout features of the Alpha Stainless Plus Drill Bit is its impressive durability, with five times greater life compared to cobalt drill bits when used on stainless steel. This means you can rely on it to withstand the toughest drilling conditions and deliver consistent results.

Perfect for welders, fabricators, sheet metal workers, pipe fitters, machinists, metal workers or any tradie that is looking for a strong and durable drill bit that can handle the relentless nature of stainless steel. 

Don't just take our word for it…

Our satisfied customers have given the Alpha Stainless Plus Drill Bit rave reviews. In fact, 85% of our customer reviews rate it as a high-quality product, praising its durability, strength, and flawless performance.

 “The chip removal is great, it’s nice, sharp and holds a great edge.”
– Peter, Engineering Industry, NSW

“These were perfect drill bits and worked extremely well on stainless steel, cast stainless and chrome molly.”
– Shaun, NSW

“This drill seems to drill better than most other brands I often use.”
– John, Transport Industry, NSW

The proof of the pudding is in the eating (or in the drilling)

The Alpha product development team decided to pit the Alpha Stainless Plus Drill Bit against our own Alpha Cobalt and Alpha Gold Series drill bits to see how they measure up. While these other drill bits perform well in stainless steel, they simply can't compare to the performance of the Alpha Stainless Plus Drill Bit.

Implemented under controlled conditions in a CNC machine on a 16mm 316 stainless steel plate, an 8mm drill bit test was conducted with each drill bit retired when breakage or dullness occurred.

The Alpha Gold Series Drill Bit managed to drill a total of 623 holes, while the Alpha Cobalt Drill Bit achieved 749 holes. However, the Alpha Stainless Plus Drill bit outperformed them both with a jaw-dropping 5755 holes.

Other features that contribute to its performance include:

  • 40° Helix Fast Spiral Flute: This design ensures controlled chip evacuation, allowing for efficient drilling and preventing clogging.
  • 130° Special Point Angle: Unique point angle enables quick penetration and reduces work hardening.
  • Premium M2 High-Speed Steel Raw Material: Ensures its strength and durability.
  • Full-Length TiAIN Coating: For ultimate wear resistance, providing extended tool life and reduced friction.

The Alpha Stainless Plus Drill Bit is available in a range of sizes, including 1.0mm to 13.0mm on 0.5mm increments. Additionally, it includes tapping sizes of 3.3mm, 4.2mm, 6.8mm, and 10.2mm.

To discover more about the Alpha Stainless Plus Drill Bit browse our brochure here.

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